Monday, June 14, 2010

The Perfect Gift

Good Monday mourning to all.

Yes, it is possible and perhaps even necessary for our mourning to be "good". Good grief really does exist. It's not just an expression of exasperation used by Charlie Brown whenever things were out of sorts. Grief is good and necessary.
Speaking of expressions of exasperation...

I was looking through the Sunday newspaper adds yesterday. It's the only reason I get the weekend newspaper. I like my Target add. I rarely ever buy anything listed in the adds but I still like to look at all the stuff. This week there was something in the adds that caught my eye. I read the description of this stadium seat that you place on the high school bleachers and sit on it. It had a back to it and arms and a padded seat and it came in several colors. I practically jumped out of my seat and exclaimed out loud, "I've found the perfect Fathers Day gift for David!"

My sister, Janet said, "Ok" with a bit of hesitancy in her voice and a slight chuckle. I appreciate her not assuming that I've lost my mind (well, actually that would be an assumption on my part). David has been gone for over 3 years now and we haven't had a kid playing in a high school football game for 4 years. All of that is beside the point! I finally found the perfect gift! David would have loved it and he would have insisted I pick up another one for his dad who always accompanied David to all of the games our two boys played.

Shopping for David was never easy. I gave up trying to buy clothes for him. He seemed to change his likes and dislikes constantly and after returning things that I had purchased just knowing he would love I just gave up and told him he was on his own. "You need it - go get it." It sounds cruel, I know. I'm not the slightest bit sorry. After a few dozen returns the only reasonable response was to let him handle his own "picky" purchases.

But this gift would have been absolutely perfect!!! I would have bought a green one to match the high school's team colors. Just thinking about it makes me smiles. I would have given it to Stephen and made him wrap it up for his dad. What fun!

Another thing that makes me smile; realizing that this little excursion down "memory lane" didn't make me sad. Not a single tear was shed! Instead I found myself laughing out loud at how ridiculous it was that I would see that item in the Sunday adds and get excited about it. I also laughed at the realization that finding the perfect gift 3 years too late was so... just like David. I actually entertained the thought of going and getting one of those chairs so I could return it later - just for the "good old days". Oh Good Grief!

Yeah, I'd say there are signs of good grief here. Great memories now bring smiles and laughter instead of sadness and tears. That's definitely a good sign.

I pray God gives you "good grief" this week. That memories will bring smiles instead of tears. If you're not quite there yet, hang on! It will come. One day you'll find yourself laughing over a silly memory and you'll recognize the signs of good grief.

I've gotta go. Those chairs might run out of stock before I get one!


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  1. Thank you for your column? Blog? Whatever we are supposed to call this.

    I can laugh at times, even at only 8 weeks since he was called home. But I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to Father's Day. Luckily, my boys won't be around, and I think that will make it easier on me.

    Thank you again, Karen.